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▶ Structural Design Laboratory, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 
    Seoul National University 
▶ 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-744, Korea

  • KSCE 2017 Convention
    The 2017 Korean Society of Civil Engineers(KSCE) Conference was held in Busan Bexco from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20.  Two oral presentation and one poster presentation were given at Oct. 19.

    Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim participated in special session and gave a presentation about risk analysis method of vehicle vulnerability for strong wind. 
    Ho-Kyung Kim
    "Traffic Control Strategy on a Bridge for Strong Cross-wind"

    Mr. Lee-Sak An showed his research achievement at poster session and he won a best paper award among all poster session participants. 
    Lee-Sak An
    "Developing an Equation for Stress Concentration Factor around Corrosion Pit in Deteriorated Steel Members"

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  • The 9th International Symposium on Steel-Structures(ISSS-2017)
     The 9th International Symposium on Steel-Structures(ISSS-2017) was held at a Oriental hotel in Jeju(Korea) for four days(1st Nov., 2017 ~ 4th Nov., 2017). 

     Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim was in charge of the Chairman of Local Organizing Committee at the symposium.

     Sun Joong Kim(post-doctoral researcher, BK21PLUS), Jun Yong Park(Ph.D. course student), Chun Guang Kang(Master's course student) and Lee-Sak An(Master's course student) made presentations from the symposium.

    Sun Joong Kim
    "Amplitude-Dependency of Estimated Damping Ratio by Operational Modal Analysis in a Cable-Stayed Bridge"

    Jun Yong Park
    "Framework for Fatigue Reliabilty Assessment Reflecting Inspection Result"

    Chun Guang Kang
    "Optimized Retrofit Design for Web-gap Cracking"

    Lee-Sak An
    "Development of Fatigue Reliability Assessment Procedure for Deteriorated Steel Members Using Damage Condition Evaluation"

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  • Seminar on the bridge stay cables(Prof.Georgakis) and the fatigue performance of cables(Ph.D. Park)
    In 26th, July, 2017

    Prof. Georgakis (professor of Aarhus University, Denmark) and Yeun Chul Park (BK21PLUS post-doctoral researcher) gave presentation 

    Prof. Georgakis (professor of Aarhus University, Denmark)
    "Bridge stay cables - Improved aerodynamics and reduced risk from shedding ice and snow"

    Yeun Chul Park (BK21PLUS post-doctoral researcher)
    "Fatigue Performance of Corroded Cables"

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  • 2017 Korean Society of Steel Construction Conference
     2017 Korean Society of Steel Construction Conference was held at a Hyundai hotel in Gyeongju(Korea) for three days(14th May, 2017 ~ 16th May, 2017). 

     Yeun Chul Park (BK21PLUS post-doctoral researcher) and Lee-Sak An(Master's course student) made oral presentations at the fatigue session. and, Lee-Sak An won a best paper award at the session.

    Yeun Chul Park,
    "Developing Method for Evaluating Infinite Life Fatigue Resistance of Tube-to-Transverse Plate Connections"

    Lee-Sak An
    "Development of Reliability-based Fatigue Life Assessment Procedure for Deteriorated Steel Elements Using Damage Condition Evaluation"

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  • 2017 20th Wind Engineering Institute of Korea(WEIK) Conference
    In 26th, May, 2017

    There was a 20th Wind Engineering Institute of Korea(WEIK) Conference at  Dankook University Jukjeon Campus.

    Special session commemorating the 20th anniversary of WEIK was held. 
    Professor Kim Ho-Kyung participated in the special session and presented about VIV in parallel Cable-stayed bridges.

    Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim, "Interference Vortex-Induced Vibration in Parallel Cable-Stayed Bridges"

    At the conference, Seong-Wook Han, Se-Jin Kim, Woong-Hee Jung got oral presentations.

    Seong-Wook Han, 
    "Wind Tunnel Test Study on the End-treatment for Reduction of Wind Pressure at the End of Noise Barriers"

    Se-Jin Kim, 
    "Estimation of Exceedance Frequency of Critical Wind Speed for Vehicle Safety Using Field-monitoring Data"

    Woong-Hee Jung,
    "Short-term Wind Speed Forecasting for Traffic Control on a Bridge"

    Seong-Wook Han and Woong-Hee Jung received awards from 2017 20th Wind Engineering Institute of Korea(WEIK) conference for providing excellence thesis.

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  • Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring in Aarhus University

    Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring was held in Aarhus university from May 1 to 2. 

    This workshop consisted of on 7 student's presentations and 3 distinguished lectures.

    On the first day of the workshop, Ph.D. student Sun-Joong Kim and You-Chan Hwang offered the oral presentation.

     Sun-Joong Kim
    "Improving the accuracy of operational damping estimation of cable supported bridge under traffic loading"

     You-Chan Hwang, "Wind pressure distribution of a twin deck section in prescribed harmonic motions"

    On the second day, professor Kim Ho-Kyung participated in a special session where he introduced the outline of OMA-based damping identification and serviceability assessment of flexible bridges. Including professor's presentation, three important distinguished lectures were sharing their knowledge on SHM.

    - Professor Anne Kiremidijian from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Stanford University lectured on  Bridge cable ice accretion modeling using statistical pattern recognition methods;

    - Ho-Kyung Kim from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Seoul National University lectured on  OMA-based damping identification and serviceability assessment of flexible bridges;

    - Professor Rune Brincker from Department of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark lectured on  OMA-based fatigue damage estimation and life extension of structures;

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  • Interactive IABSE – COST Actions Workshop in Zagreb

    The Value of Structural Health Monitoring for the reliable Bridge Management

    At the beginning of March 2017 an interesting workshop took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zagreb. The Workshop was organised by two European cooperation and networking projects under auspices of the COST framework and the Working Commission 1 of IABSE.

    The workshop gathered 120 participants from 40 countries and was organised through three main sessions:

    •   Performance assessment of existing Bridges for their reliable management;

    •   Framework, Strategies and Tools towards the Quantification of the Value of SHM;

    •   Management and Performance-assessment of Existing Structures

         The workshop in Zagreb gathered 120 participants from 40 countries with different professional background

    • Four important keynote lecturers were sharing their knowledge on assessment, monitoring and life cycle management of bridges:
    •   Dan M. Frangopol from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Lehigh University in USA lectured on Risk-, Resilience- and Sustainability-Informed Decision Making for Bridges in a Life-Cycle Multi-Objective Optimization Context;

    •   James L. Beck from the Dept. of Computing & Mathematical Sciences at the California Institute of Technology in USA introduced participants to Bayesian uncertainty quantification and sparse Bayesian learning for model updating in SHM;

    •   Ho-Kyung Kim from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Seoul National University in South Korea shared the experience in What We Have Learned from Operational Monitoring and Serviceability Assessment of Long-Span Bridges and

      Hitoshi Furuta from the Faculty of Informatics at the Kansai University in Japan gave an overview of New Technologies for Condition Assessment of Existing Structures.

    Keynote presenters from Lehigh University in USA Frangopol; from California Institute of Technology in USA Beck; from Seoul National University in South Korea Kim and from Kansai University in Japan Furuta, shared their knowledge as external advisors

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  • IABSE Workshop Helsinki 2017
    IABSE Workshop Helsinki 2017 was held in Helsinki(Finland) from February 15 to 16.
    JunYong Park participated in this workshop and offered an oral presentation.

    JunYong Park, "Structural Safety Assessment of a Suspension Bridge using Analysis Model Updating"

    Posted Feb 22, 2017, 10:30 PM by 박준용
  • Master's Thesis Defence

     The master's thesis defence was held on December 19,2016. In our laboratory, Seung-Yeol and   Kil-Ho had participated to present their thesis and successfully finished their examination. There were total number of 5 students who had announced their thesis on that day. Thesis's titles of our members are as follow.

    Seung-Yeol Baek, "Aerodynamic drag force on bridge deck in a large-scale along-wind turbulence".

    Kil-Ho Choi, "Time-domain/Frequency-domain dynamic analysis of bridge deck to turbulent wind".

    Posted Jan 25, 2017, 6:39 PM by gim sunjoong
  • 2016 KIBSE conference

     The 2016 conference of the Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers was held at Mok-po National University on October 10th-11th, 2016. Professor Kim attended session one, in which Professor Sim of Chung-Ang University made a presentation entitled "Inspection and Mechanical Characteristics of Corroded Prestressing Steels" (Sim and Kim et al.).

     Uniquely, there was a 'Young Engineer Session' aimed at encouraging researchers of Ph.Ds, or Ph.D-course students of 33 years or younger at this year's conference. Ph.D course student Sun-Joong Kim of our laboratory participated as one of the speakers, presenting "Stabilization of Identified Damping from Ambient Vibration Test by Amplitude-Modulating Function". And, to our great joy, he won 1st prize in the contest.

     There was also a poster session in which master's course students Kil-Ho Choi, Seok-Hee Bong, Lee-Sak An, and Jin-Hyung Lee participated.

    Kil-Ho Choi and Seong-Yeol Baek, "Combined Use of Active Turbulence Generator for Simulating Large-Scale Vertical and Longitudinal Wind Velocity Fluctuations".

    Seok-Hee Bong, "Residual Life Estimation of Pitting-Corroded External Tendon".

    Lee-Sak An, "New Introduction of Cable Part in Korea Highway Bridge Construction Specification"

    Jin-Hyung Lee, "Dynamic Effect of Water Tank on a Cable-Supported Bridge".

     On the 2nd day of the conference, there was a field trip to 'sae-cheon-nyeon bridge' in Mok-po. We visited two construction fields where different construction companies are under construction currently. The first field, a three-pylon suspension bridge(length : 3640m), was being constructed by 'Daelim'. And, the second field, a cable-stayed bridge(length : 3584m) was being constructed by 'Daewoo E&C'. 

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