Lab Seminar Table 
Seoul National University 35-Don,316-Ho

 DateTime ParticipantsPresentation topics
 6/04/20129.30 am 
Jin Park  

Sang Won Kim  
 Updating admittance function in Buffet3

RFA (Rotational Function Approximation)Programming 
Introduction of RFA theory
Progression of programming 


 9.30 am
Sun Joong Kim

You Chan Hwang 
Jung Hwa Lee 
Radiance Calmer 

Introduce of the procedure of 3D wind tunnel test



Calculation of the 2nd Jindo Bridge damping ratio with two analysis methods (ITD-RD and NExT-ERA methods) 


9.30 am 
  Chul Hwan Yoo

 Jun Yong Park 

Estimation of basic velocity(About ESDU)

Model Updating about SeoHae Bridge

(Sensitivity based method, Measured data Curve fitting)