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The 9th International Symposium on Steel-Structures(ISSS-2017)

posted Nov 8, 2017, 6:57 AM by 안이삭
 The 9th International Symposium on Steel-Structures(ISSS-2017) was held at a Oriental hotel in Jeju(Korea) for four days(1st Nov., 2017 ~ 4th Nov., 2017). 

 Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim was in charge of the Chairman of Local Organizing Committee at the symposium.

 Sun Joong Kim(post-doctoral researcher, BK21PLUS), Jun Yong Park(Ph.D. course student), Chun Guang Kang(Master's course student) and Lee-Sak An(Master's course student) made presentations from the symposium.

Sun Joong Kim
"Amplitude-Dependency of Estimated Damping Ratio by Operational Modal Analysis in a Cable-Stayed Bridge"

Jun Yong Park
"Framework for Fatigue Reliabilty Assessment Reflecting Inspection Result"

Chun Guang Kang
"Optimized Retrofit Design for Web-gap Cracking"

Lee-Sak An
"Development of Fatigue Reliability Assessment Procedure for Deteriorated Steel Members Using Damage Condition Evaluation"