International Conference
  • IABSE Spring Conference 2013 (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering)
         - May 3~5, 2013 Committe meeting
         - May 6~8, 2013 Conference
         - De Doelen Congress Center, Rotterdam, Netherland
         - Oral presentations
           : Soobong Shin, Inyeol Paik, Sang-Sup Ahn, Chul-Young Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim, and
             Nam-Sik Kim, "Korean guideline for performance-based assessment of existing bridges".
  • CJK-WE 2013 (The 8th China-Japan-Korea International Workshop on Wind Engineering)
  • - May 10~12, 2013
    - Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China
    - Oral presentations
      : Chul-Hwan Yoo, Ho-Kyung Kim, "Reliability-based Wind Load Factor for the Design of Long
        span Bridges".
      : Jinwook Park, Kilje Jung, Ho-Kyung Kim, Hae sugn Lee, "Time-domain Aeroelastic Analysis 
        of Bridge using a Truncated Fourier Series of the Aerodynamic Transfer Function".
  • APVC 2013 (The 15th Asia Pacific Vibration Conference)
  • - June 2~6, 2013
    - Jeju International Convention Center, Jeju, Korea
    - A special session (Wind-induced vibrations in bridges) is organized by Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim
      : Radiance Calmer, Sun-Joong Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim, Deok-Geun Lee, and Gyu-Seon
        Kim, "Estimation of damping ratio of a parallel cable-stayed bridge based on operational
        monitoring ".
      : Prof. Hiroshi Katsuchi, Yokohama National University, Japan
      : Prof. Kichiro Kimura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
      : Prof. Le-Dong Zhu, Tongji University, China
      : Prof. HaeSung Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
      : Dr. Jong Dae Kim, Samsung C&T, Korea
      : Prof. Uwe Starossek, Hambrug University, Germany
    • EACWE 2013 (The 6th European and African Conference on Wind Engineering)
    - July 7~11, 2013
    - Robinson College, Cambridge, UK
    - Mar. 28, 2013 Early bird registration
    - Oral presentations
      : Jin Park, Ho-Kyung Kim, Kwon-Taek Kim, and Sunjoong Kim, "Vortex-induced
        vibration in a parallel cable-stayed bridge".
      : Sunjoong Kim, Radiance Calmer, and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Estimation of damping ratio
        for a cable-stayed bridge subjected to an interference vortex-induced vibration".
  • ANCRiSST 2013 (The 9th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology)
    - July 18~21, 2013
    - UNIST, Ulsan, Korea
    - Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim serves as a member of LOC.
    - Oral presentations
      : Ho-Kyung Kim, Sunjoong Kim, and Jin Park, "Cause, Effect and Field Monitoring of Interference VIV between Two Parallel Cable-Stayed Bridges".

  • CECAR6 (The 6th Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region)
  • - Aug. 20~22, 2013
    - Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, Indonesia
    - Apr. 8, 2013 Full paper submission
    - May. 13, 2013 Early bird rigistration  
    - Oral presentation
      : Ho-Kyung Kim, "Reliability-based design of cable-supported bridges with lifetime
    • 36th IABSE Symposium & Annual meetings 2013 (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering)
    - Sep. 22~24, 2013 Annual meetings
    - Sep. 24~27, 2013 Symposium
    - Kolkata, India
    - Theme: Long Span Bridges and Roofs - Developement, Design and Implementation
    - Feb. 28, 2013 Submission of full paper
             - Oral presentations
      : Chul-Hwan Yoo and Ho-Kyung Kim, “Reliablity-based design of long-span bridges – Wind 
        load combination”.
      : Junyong Park, Ho-Kyung Kim, and Wonsuk Park, “Dynamic FE model updating of a cable-
        stayed Bridge”.
      : Minjae Lee, Jonghoon Moon, Jahgeol Yoon, Ho-Kyung Kim, "Analysis and experiments on
        the secondary stresses of the parallel wire cable in suspension bridge".
      : Chanmin Park, Jonggyun Paik, Sanghoon Shin and Ho-Kyung Kim, "New Approach on the         Safety Factor of Cable in Long-span Bridge".
      : Jinwook Park, Kilje Jung, Ho-kyung Kim and Haesung Lee, "Time-domain Aeroelastic Analysis     of Bridge using a Truncated Fourier Series of the Aerodynamic Transfer Function". 
  • ISSS-2013 (The 7th International Symposium on STEEL STRUCTURES)
  • - Nov. 7~9, 2013
    - Jeju Grand Hotel, Jeju, Korea
    - Prof. Ho-Kyung Kim serves as a vice chairman of LOC.
    - Oral presentation
      : Ho-Kyung Kim, Jun-Yong Park, and Hyun-Joong Kim, "Fatigue Assessment of Composite Steel Box Girder Bridge with Measurement Data" 
  • SHMII-6 (The 6th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure)
  • - Dec. 9~11, 2013
    - Hongkong
    - Mar. 15, 2013 abstract
    - Jun. 15, 2013 Full paper
    - Oral presentations

  • APCWE 8 (The 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering)
    - Dec. 10~14, 2013
    - Chennai, India
    - Apr. 30, 2013 4-page extended abstract
    - Aug. 30, 2013 Full paper
    - Sep. 13, 2013 Early bird registration
    - Oral presentations
    Domestic Conference
  • 한국강구조학회 학술발표대회
  • - June 12~14, 2013
    - 제주 그랜드호텔
    - Oral presentations
      : 김동용, 홍영준, 손윤기, 김호경, "현수교 주케이블 3차원 확장에 따른 케이블 비틀림에 관한 해석적

  • 한국풍공학회 학술발표대회
  • - May 31, 2013
    - 강원대학교 60주년 기념관
    - Oral presentations
      : 김선중, 김호경, "병렬 사장교의 간섭 와류 진동에 대한 MTMD의 제진효과 규명".
        박진, 김호경, "풍동실험을 통한 와류진동에 미치는 병렬교량 간섭효과 평가".
        유철환, 김호경, "목표신뢰도지수를 만족하는 풍하중계수 산정법".
        이호, 김호경, "장경간 사장교의 거스트계수 평가".
        황유찬, 한성욱, 박진, 김호경, "PIV를 이용한 Edge 거더 하부플랜지 폭의 와류진동 제진효과 평가".