International Conference
  • International Symposium : Resilience on Urban Infrastructure
    - http://
  • - April 24~26, 2016
    - University of Toronto ,Toronto, Canada
    - Oral presentation
      :Ho-Kyung Kim and Se-Jin Kim, "Operational Monitoring and Mitigation of Wind-induced Vibration in a Twin Cable-stayed Bridge".

  • ISFA 2016(First International Symposium on Flutter and its Application)
    - May. 15~17, 2016
    - Tokyo, Japan
    - Japan Research Association on Flutter(JRAF)
    - Contact:
    - Oral presentation
      :Jin Park, "Effects of gap distance on VIV of a parallel cable-stayed bridge".

  • 8th BBAA 2016(Bluff Body Aerodynamics and Applications)
    - June. 07~11, 2016
    - Boston, USA
    - Contact:
    - Scientific Committee
      :Ho-Kyung Kim                                                                                                 - Oral presentation                                                                                                     :Seong-Wook Han, "End treatment for reducing pressure coefficient of sound barriers"

  • IABMAS 2016 (International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management)
  • - June. 26~30, 2016 Conference
    - Foz do lguzcu, Brazil
    - Contact:
    - Mini Symposium 12
      :Ho-Kyung Kim, Hani Nassif, Tulio Bittencourt
       "Structural Health Monitoring(SHM) for Evaluation and Load Rating of Bridges".

  • 7IWSCM - 2016 (The 7th International Workshop on Structural Control and Monitoring)

    - July. 24~26, 2016
    Incheon, Republic of Korea
    - Contact:
    - Local Organizing Committee
      :Ho-Kyung Kim

  • ACEM16 (Advances in Civil, Environmental, & Materials Research)
    - Aug. 28~Sep 1, 2016 World Congress
    - Jeju, Republic of Korea
    Oral presentation
      :Sun-Joong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Damping identification of bridges from nonstatioary            ambient vibration data".
      :You-Chan Hwang, Sun-Joong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Unexpected vibration monitoring in a      suspension bridge and cause investigation".
      :Ralph Acebedo, Sang-Won Kim, You-Chan Hwang and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Effect of turbulence      length scale on vortex-induced vibration of twin deck bridge section".
      :Woong-Hee Jung, Min-Kyu Bang, Sun-Joong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Mitigation effect of          vortex-induced vibration of suspension bridge hangers with stockbridge dampers"

  • 19th Congress of IABSE 2016 (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering)
    - September. 21~23, 2016 conference
    - Stockholm, Sweden
    - Contact
      : (Organising Committee)
      : (Scientific Committee)
    Oral presentation
  •   : Se Jin Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Vehicle Safety Assessment on Bridge Deck under Cross        Wind".

  • CJK-WE 2016 (The China-Japan-Korea International Workshop on Wind Engineering)
    - October. 8~10,2016
    - Beijing, China
    Oral presentation
  •   : Ho-Kyung Kim and Se-Jin Kim, "Safety Evaluation of Running Vehicle over the Bridge Deck     to Strong Side-Wind".

Domestic Conference

  • 한국교량및구조공학회 학술발표대회
  • - Oct 10, 2016
    - 전남 목포 목포대학교
    - Oral presentations
      : 김선중, 김호경, Stabilization of Identified Damping from Ambient Vibration Test by Amplitude-Modulating Function ".
    - Poster presentations  
      : 최길호, 백승열김호경, "Combined Use of Active Turbulence Generator for Simulating Large-Scale Vertical and Longitudinal Wind Velocity Fluctuations".
      : 봉석희, 유철환, 심창수, 박연철, 김호경, "Residual Life Estimation of Pitting - Corroded External Tendon".
      : 안이삭, 김호경, "New introduction of Cable Part in Korea Highway Bridge Construction Specification".
      : 이진형, 김선중, 김호경, "Dynamic Effect of Water Tank on a Cable-Supported Brdige".

  • 한국풍공학회 학술발표대회
  • - May 27, 2016
    - 경북 구미 금오공과대학교
    - Oral presentations
      : 황유찬, 김선중, 김세진, 김호경, "이순신대교 이상진동 원인 규명 및 차량 정체 시나리오에 대한 내풍       안정성 검토".
      : 한성욱, 박준용, 조경식, 안상섭, 김호경, "단부처리를 통한 방음벽 단부의 풍압저감".
      : 정웅희, 방민규, 김선중, 김호경, "현수교 행어진동 저감용 비대칭 스톡브릿지 댐퍼의 설계 및 적용".

  • 한국강구조학회 학술발표대회
  • - June 8~10, 2016
    - 여수 디오션 리조트
    - Oral presentations
      : 박준용, 한성욱, 조경식, 안상섭, 김호경, "방음벽 단부 풍압저감을 위한 단부처리 제안".
      : 정웅희, 방민규, 김선중, 김기남, 김호경, "현수교 행어진동 저감용 스톡브릿지 댐퍼의 설계절차".

  • 대한토목학회 학술발표대회
  • - Oct 19~21, 2016
    - 제주국제컨벤션센터
    - Oral presentations                                                                                 
      : 한성욱, 박준용, 김호경, 조경식, 안상섭, "고속도로 방음벽 내풍설계".
    - Poster presentations  
      : 김세진, 김호경, "극치통계분석을 통한 교량 위 주행위험풍속 노출 빈도".