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Chang-Jin Kang
2nd year in master course
Major : Bending behavior analysis of RC wall subjected to impact load
Phone : +82-2-880-8314
Comment : You cannot connect dots forward.


• Structure under impact load is still one of the current research that does not have stiff solution. Various factors affect the result and make analysis sophisticated, still it needs to be studied to guarantee the safeness of protective-purpose structures. FEM analysis was studied by using the results from IRIS project from OECD NEA and simulation results were evaluated to accomplish suitable analysis.


• 2008.2~2013.7 Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Korea University
• 2013.9~2015.7 M.S. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul National University

Experience and Award

The Encouragement Prize in 2013 Conceptual Bridge Design
• Certificate of achievement in successful completion of all requirements in the course:
    LS-DYNA Pre-Post / LS-DYNA Introduction
• Participated in making criteria for new Structure design codes(KICT)
Current Research Work

• Analysis of bending behavior of RC wall subjected to impact loading

• Commercial simulation program(LS-DYNA) technical study

Research Field       

• VTT Flexural test, IRIS_2012
• Structural safety upon the impact load