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  1st year in master course  
Major : Structural Health Monitoring
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It is a main opportunity for me to work for the Structural Design Lab. As a foreign student, my research work gives me the possibility to learn by different ways and adapt my-self to new situations. I am feeling lucky, not only for studying at Seoul National University but also for living in South Korea and discovering its culture every day.  

2011/2012 Seoul National University South Korea, College of Engineering, Civil and Environment Engineering, Master Research in the Structural Design Laboratory

2007/2011 INSA Engineering School France, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, Civil Engineering


2008 Internship in Research Laboratory Vietnam, Institute of Geophysics in Hanoi, study of the magnetic field of the earth
  Current Research Work
Research Field

Structural Health Monitoring


Estimation of the damping of the Second Jindo Bridge (South Korea)


Analysis methods as Random Decrement method or Eigensystem Realization Algorithm use field measurement data given by a sensor network settled on the Second Jindo Bridge. These methods estimate modal parameters. This study focuses on the calculation of the damping ratio for the first vertical frequency of the bridge.

Expected Results
The comparison between damping ratios of the First and the Second Jindo Bridges is expected to explain vibrations on the second bridge. A slight difference between damping ratios in the range 0-1% could show a large displacement at the center of the deck.


First results after analysis with Matlab programs are not satisfactory. Studying methods and improving programs are under way.
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  Further Plan

To take advantage of working for the Structural Design Lab as a foreign student by applying the knowledge that I learnt and to continue to work or study abroad.