Jung Hwa Lee

  2nd year in master course 
Major : Runnability of railway vehicle under cross winds
Phone : +82-2-880-1534
Comment : Slow and steady wins the race


I have had interest in structural engineering through diverse experience. It had a large impact on decision of my way. Since I wanted to study about structural engineering in depth, I entered the Structural Design Lab. And I think it’s a good choice for me.
Studying somethings new is always difficult; however, it gives sense of accomplishment. 

2012.2 B.S. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul Nat'l University
2012.3~ M.S. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul Nat't University

2010.8 An internship at Hyundai Engineering & Construction
          (in Field Application of Engineering Knowledge class)
  Current Research Work

Research Field: Simulation of wind velocity fluctuation

Methodology: ARMA(Auto-regressive moving-average method)

Expected Results: conditional simulation by using measuring data

Progression: Verification of spectrum and coherence function

 Conference Participation

이정화, 황성호, 김호경 (2013.10) "횡풍을 받는 철도차량의 주행안정성 평가" 제39회 대한토목학회 정기학술대회 발표집

이정화, 윤제성, 김호경 (2012.10) "공력 어드미턴스 함수를 고려한 변동풍속 생성" 제38회 대한토목학회 정기학술대회 발표집

이정화, 윤제성, 김호경 (2013) "공기력에 미치는 어드미턴스 효과를 고려한 공간상 변동풍속 생성" 한국풍공학회 논문집, 제17권, 제3호, pp.93-100.

우수논문상 - 2012 대한토목학회 정기학술대회

우수논문상 - 2013 대한토목학회 정기학술대회