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Jaeyeong Lim


• 2015.3 ~ 2019.3 Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University
• 2019.3 ~ M.S.    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University

Current Research Work

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  - Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction during Typhoon for Sea-crossing Bridge Based on LSTM Theorem

  - Maintenance Technique for Social Infrastructure Based on Artificial Neural Network 

Aerodynamic Stability Validation

  - Research on Measured Data Based Bridge Reanalysis and Damage Assessment for Disaster Response


• (2018.04) Park Chang Ho Scholarship by Korean Society of Civil Engineers (대한토목학회)
(2019.02) Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award by Korea Concrete Institute (대한콘크리트학회)
• (2019.08) Scholarship by 61th Advanced Industrial Strategy Program of Seoul National University(서울대학교)




• 임재영, 김호경(2019.10) "Delunay Density Visualization of Reliability Analysis for Nuclear Facilities by Using Eartheqake Monitoring Data", 2019년 대한토목학회 정기학술대회 발표집