Lee-Sak An
The 2nd year in master course 
E-mail : peacefulan@snu.ac.kr
Major : Reliability-based fatigue life assessment
Phone : +82-2-880-1534

• 2010.3 ~ 2016.2 : Dept. of Civil Eng., Chung-Buk National University
• 2016.3 ~ : M.S. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul National University

Current research area

• Reliability-based fatigue life assessment reflects defects of a deteriorated steel bridge
• Regression analysis of a stress concentration factor for a pitting corrosion


• 2017.04 ~ : Researcher, Lifetime extension of deteriorated bridges research group with KAIA
• 2017.03 ~ : Researcher, Enhancement of LRFD-based design specifications for steel bridges with POSCO
• 2016.09 ~ : Researcher, Korean Railway Bridge Design Code(Limit State Design) with KRRI
• 2016.08 ~ : Researcher, Korean Highway Bridge Construction Specification(Limit State Design) with KRA
• 2016.09 ~ 2016.12 : Researcher, 3D wind tunnel test for Godeok Bridge with HDEC

International conference papers and presentation

• Lee-Sak An, Yeun Chul Park*, Ho-Kyung Kim(2017.12) "Establishing Fatigue Life Evaluation Method for Deteriorated Steel Elements", The 8th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure(SHMII8)

Domestic conference paper and presentation

Yeun Chul Park, Lee-Sak An, Ho-Kyung Kim*(2017.10) "Developing Fatigue Reliability Assessment Procedure for Damaged Steel Members", Special session for Lifetime extension of deteriorated bridges research group, KSCE 2017 Convention
• Lee-Sak An, Yeun Chul Park*, Ho-Kyung Kim(2017.10) "Developing an Equation for Stress Concentration Factor around Corrosion Pit in Deteriorated Steel Members", KSCE 2017 Convention
• Lee-Sak An, Yeun Chul Park*, Ho-Kyung Kim(2017.06) "Development of Reliability-based Fatigue Life Assessment Procedure for Deteriorated Steel Elements Using Damage Condition Evaluation", KSSC Conference 2017
Lee-Sak An, Jin-Kook Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim*(2016.11) "New Introduction of Cable Part in Korean Highway Bridge Construction Specification", KIBSE Conference 2016

  Teaching assistant

• Introduction to Bridge Engineering(교량설계입문) for undergraduate course, the second semester of 2017
• Construction Engineering Leadership(건설공학리더쉽) for undergraduate course, the first semester of 2016

  Domestic award

• Best Paper Award of 2017 Conference of Korean Society of Steel Construction