Lee-Sak An
The 2nd year in master course 
E-mail : peacefulan@snu.ac.kr
Major : Reliability-based fatigue life assessment
Phone : +82-2-880-1534

• 2010.3 ~ 2016.2 : Dept. of Civil Eng., Chung-Buk National University
• 2016.3 ~ : M.S. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul National University

Current research area

• Reliability-based fatigue life assessment reflects defects of a deteriorated steel bridge
• Regression analysis of a stress concentration factor for a pitting corrosion


• 2017.04 ~ : Researcher, Lifetime extension of deteriorated bridges research group with KAIA
• 2017.03 ~ : Researcher, Enhancement of LRFD-based design specifications for steel bridges with POSCO
• 2016.09 ~ : Researcher, Korean Railway Bridge Design Code(Limit State Design) with KRRI
• 2016.08 ~ : Researcher, Korean Highway Bridge Construction Specification(Limit State Design) with KRA
• 2016.09 ~ 2016.12 : Researcher, 3D wind tunnel test for Godeok Bridge with HDEC

International conference papers and presentations

Domestic conference papers and presentations

• Lee-Sak An, Yeun Chul Park*, Ho-Kyung Kim(2017.06) "Development of Reliability-based Fatigue Life Assessment Procedure for Deteriorated Steel Elements Using Damage Condition Evaluation", KSSC Conference 2017
Lee-Sak An, Jin-Kook Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim*(2016.11) "New Introduction of Cable Part in Korean Highway Bridge Construction Specification", KIBSE Conference 2016

  Teaching assistant

• Introduction to Bridge Engineering(교량설계입문) for undergraduate course, the second semester of 2017
• Construction engineering leadership(건설공학리더쉽) for undergraduate course, the first semester of 2016