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Comment: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LOAD your God will be with you wherever you go.(Jos1:9)


   ·   Wind-resistant design and wind tunnel tests of cable-supported bridges

   ·   FE modelling, static and dynamic analysis and design of cable-supported bridges 

   ·   Analysis and design of bridge structures

   ·   Limited in FE model updating based on health monitoring data


License: Fundamentals of Engineering Civil in Korea, Certificate # 04201200055D, 2004.


- Scientific and professional programming using MATLAB and Limited use of FORTRAN

- Extensive use of SAP2000 and MIDAS CIVIL

- Limited experience in RM BRIDGE, ADINA, ANSYS, and ABAQUS

Languages: Korean(native language), English(business conversation)


    ·   Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National                   University, Korea(August 2016) :

      Thesis: “A Study on Design Parameters and Aerodynamic Stability during Construction Stages                     for a Cable-stayed Suspension Bridge”

    ·   Master of Civil Engineering, Mokpo National University, Korea(August 2006) :

Thesis: “Estimation of wind-induced responses of a suspension bridge according to erection sequences”

    ·   Bachelor of Science in EngineeringMokpo National University, Korea(August 2004)



   · Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers (KIBSE), Korea(2016.7~Now)

  Senior researcher, http://www.kibse.or.kr

   · Seoul National University, Korea(2012.3~2016.8)

  Research Assistant and Ph. D. Student, Bridge Design Laboratory, Dept. of Civil and                     Environmental Engineering, http://cee.snu.ac.kr

   · Korea Bridge Design&Engineering Research Center(KBDERC),Korea(2010.8~2012.2)

    Full Time researcher, Seoul National University

   · Korea Wind Engineering Research Center(KWERC),Korea(2010.3~2010.7)

    Full Time researcher, Mokpo National University

   · University of California, Irvine, CA, USA(2006.7~2010.2)

    Assistant Specialist, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Title: Verification of Computer Analysis Model for Suspension Bridges




  · Member, Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers (KIBSE).

  · Member, The Korean Society of Steel Construction (KSSC).

  · Member, The Wind Engineering Institute of Korea (WEIK).

  · Best Paper award, Annual Conference of WEIK, 2013.

  · Best Paper award, Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE) conference and Civil Expo, 2010.

  · Lecture and Research Scholarship, Seoul National University, Spring 2012, Fall 2012.


Participated in the following projects

1. Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway Project Main Link-Contract RA/140:                 Aeroelastic analysesHyundai E&C.

    Student Researcher, 2013.3 - 2014.11

·   Conducted assessment of wind-induced stability both final and construction stage.

·   Made a final report to Hyundai E&C.

2. Aerodynamic Feasibility on an Alternative Construction Procedure of Suspended                DecksHyundai E&C and SK E&C.

    Student Researcher, 2014.8

·   Enhancement of wind stability of a cable-stayed suspension bridge in construction.

·   Made a technical report to Hyundai E&C and SK E&C.

3. 지도-임자 도로건설 공사 대안설계풍동실험  내풍해석, DM-eng.

    Student Researcher, 2013.3 - 12

·   Conducted assessment of wind-induced stability under construction.

·   Made a final report to DM Engineering Co., Ltd.

4. 영광-해제 도로건설공사 대안설계_풍동실험 동적내풍안전성평가 연구, DM-eng.

    Student Researcher, 2012.5 - 12

·   Conducted assessment of wind-induced stability under construction.

·   Made a final report to Posco Engineering & construction, Ltd.

5. 울산대교 CE 내풍설계, Hyundai E&C.

    Student Researcher, 2011.7 - 2012.12

·   Researched wind-induced stability of single tower.

·   Examined wind-induced stability of Catwalk system.

6. 평행강선케이블(Parallel Wire Cable) 2차응력 평가실험, Daelim.

    Student Researcher, 2012.3 - 2013.3

·   Participated in experimental test for 2nd stress of the Parallel wire cable.

7. 화양-적금(2공구) 도로건설공사 실시설계용역 내풍안정성 평가 실험(버페팅해석), Yooshin.

    화양-적금(2공구) 도로건설공사 기본설계용역 내풍안정성 평가 실험(버페팅해석), Yooshin.

    Full time Researcher, 2011.3 - 12

·   Conducted assessment of wind-induced stability under construction.

·   Made a part of the structural design report related to aerodynamic stability.

8. 하의-신의간 연도교 개설공사, 실시설계 교량 풍동실험 내풍안정성 검토, KCI.

    Full time Researcher, 2010.5 - 12

·   Conducted assessment of wind-induced stability under construction.

·   Made a final report to Korea Consultants International Co. Ltd.

9. 거금도 연도교 가설공사 2단계(주경간교) 가설 내풍안전성 검토, Hyundai E&C.

    Full time Researcher, 2010.4 - 8

·   Conducted assessment of wind-induced stability under construction.

·   Made a final report to Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

ETC.(2003.4~2006.7): Student Researcher

·   Sag, configuration measurement and FE model development for the Gwangan suspension bridge.(2005.7~2005.9)

·   Buffeting analysis of Goha cable-stayed bridge in construction.(2004.7~2004.9)

·   Buffeting analysis of Dolsan-Hwatae cable-stayed bridge in construction.(2004.7~2004.8)

·   Temperature analysis for the Gwangan suspension bridge based on field measured informations.(2003.4~2003.12)


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  • Ho-kyung Kim, Kwon-Taek Kim, Ho Lee and Sunjoong Kim (2012). "Performance of un-pretensioned wind stabilizing cables in the construction of a cable-stayed bridge", Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, Vol.18, No.8, pp.722-734
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  • Debasis Karmakar, Samit Ray Chaudhuri, Ho Lee and Masanobu Shinozuka," Probabilistic evaluation of seismic performance for Vincent Thomas bridge", The 10th International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, Osaka, Japan, 13-17 September 2009"
  • Debasis Karmakar, Samit Ray Chaudhuri, Ho Lee and Masanobu Shinozuka," Probabilistic evaluation of effect of retrofit on seismic performance of Vincent Thomas bridge", The 5th International Engineering and Construction Conference, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.., 27-29 August 2008.
  • Ho-Kyung KIM, Ho. LEE, Jeong-Hwan Jang, Young-Ho KIM, Sang-Kon Ro, "Life-cycle monitoring of the structural configuration of a suspension bridge" Proceedings Of The Fourth International Conference On International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety(IABMAS), Seoul, KOREA, 12-17 July 2008.
  • Ho-Kyung Kim, Ho Lee, Jeong-Hwan Jang, Jinkyo F. Choo, "Analysis model development for a suspension bridge based on field-measured data" The 3rd International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada November 13-16, 2007.


  · Teaching Assistant, Fall 2012

   Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea

    Course : "Introduction to Bridge Engineering" 

    Tasks : Helped students better understand the subjects by providing graded home work



1. Dr. Kim, Ho-Kyung


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    College of Engineering

    Seoul National University

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    E-mail: hokyungk@snu.ac.kr

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