Personal information

  • Name: Sunjoong Kim
  • Date of Birth: Dec 08, 1986
  • Phone: +82-2-880-8314
  • Email:


  • 2005.3~2010.2: B.S. Dept. of Civil, Urban & Geosystem Eng., Seoul Nat'l Univ.
  • 2010.3~2012.2: M.S. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul Nat'l Univ.
  • 2012.3~: Ph.D. course. Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul Nat'l Univ.

Previous research topic: Wake galloping of twin cable

  • 2-Dimensional wind tunnel test for twin cylinders in unparallel disposition

Current research area: System identification based on field monitoring

  • Dynamic wind analysis of the cable-stayed bridge by operation field monitoring
  • System identification for the long-span bridge from the ambient vibration data

Future research plans: Extreme engineering in impact & collision

  • Experimental study for an impact of aircraft by 250 mm single stage gas gun
  • Aircraft/ship/vehicle collision analysis by LS-DYNA

21 Experiences for R&D project, wind engineering, bridge design and etc.

  • 2013.12~2016.12: Extreme Performance Testing Center R&D Project
  • 2013.08~2014.07: Wind monitoring for the tower of Ulsan Bridge with HDEC
  • 2011.12~2012.03: 3D wind tunnel test of Hwayang Bridge with HDEC
  • 2011.06~2011.07: Long Term Bridge Performance Program with FHWA
  • 2011.01~2012.05.: Flutter analysis of Hwayang Bridge with Yooshin
  • 2010.04~2011.07: Evaluation of wake galloping of Mokpo Bridge with GS E&C
  • 2010.04~2011.03: Super Long Span Bridge R&D Project

5 Peer-reviewed (SCI) publications

  • Jin Park, Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim (2016). "Effect of gap distance on vortex-induced vibration in two parallel cable-stayed bridges",  Journal: Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics (accepted).
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim (2016). "Damping identification and serviceability assessment of a cable-stayed bridge based on operational monitoring data", Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, 10.1061/(ASCE)BE.1943-5592.0001004.
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim (2014). "Wake galloping phenomena between two parallel/unparallel cylinders", Wind and Structures, Vol. 18, No. 5.
  • Sunjoong Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim, Radiance Calmer, Jin Park, Gyu Seon Kim and Deok Keun Lee (2013). "Operational field monitoring of interactive vortex-induced vibrations between two parallel cable-stayed bridges", Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Vol.123, Part A, pp.143-153.
  • Ho-Kyung Kim, Kwon-Taek Kim, Ho Lee and Sunjoong Kim (2013) "Performance of un-pretensioned wind stabilizing cables in the construction of a cable-stayed bridge", Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, Vol.18, No.8, pp.722-734.

20 International conference papers and presentations

  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Signal stationarization in damping estimation for bridges from traffic loadings”, Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure 2017 (SHMII-8), 5-8 December, 2017, Brisbane, Australia
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Amplitude-dependency of estimated damping ratio by operational modal analysis in a cable-stayed bridge”, The 9th International Symposium on Steel Structures (ISSS-2017), November 1-4, 2017, Jeju, Korea
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "The effect of lock-in range on OMA-based damping estimation for long-span bridges”, The 12th China-Japan-Korea International Workshop on Wind Engineering (CJK2017), October, 13-14, Yamanashi, Japan
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Signal Statonarizaton Technique in Output-Only Damping Identification”, 39th IABSE Symposium Vancouver, September 19-23, Vancouver, Canada
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, Damping identification of bridges from nonstatioary ambient vibration data, ACEM'16, ICC Jeju, Jeju island, Korea, 28 August - 1 September, 2016
  • Sunjoong Kim, Yoo-Chan Hwang and Ho-Kyung Kim, Application of Various Schemes for Damping Estimation of the Suspension Bridge for the Cause Investigation of a Vortex-Induced Vibration, IABSE Conference – Structural Engineering: Providing Solutions to Global Challenges, September 23-25 2015, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ho-Kyung Kim, Yoo-Chan Hwang and Sunjoong Kim, Field monitoring and wind tunnel investigation of an unexpected wind-induced vibration of a suspension bridge, 7th International Conference on Strutural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII 7), Torino, Italy, July 1-3, 2015.
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, "The effect of nonstationary condition on identification of damping ratio from ambient vibration data", ACEM'14, BEXCO, Busan, Korea, August 24-28, 2014
  • Sunjoong Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim, ""Evaluation of effectiveness of MTMD according to wind condition using ambient vibration measurements", The 6th International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering, Hamburg, Germany, June. 11, 2014
  • Ho-Kyung Kim, Sunjoong Kim and Jin Park, "Operational monitoring of interference VIV in cable-stayed bridges and its mitigation", National Symposium on Vibration and Control of Structures under Wind Action (with international participation), Feb. 24-25, 2014
  • Sunjoong Kim, Radiance Calmer and Ho-Kyung Kim, "Estimation of Damping Ratio for a Cable-Stayed subjected to an interference Vortex-Induced Vibration", Cambridge UK, July 7-11, 2013
  • Jin Park, Ho-Kyung Kim, Kwon-Taek Kim and Sunjoong Kim, "Vortex induced vibration in a parallel cable-stayed bridge", EACWE 2013, Cambridge UK, July 7-11, 2013
  • Ho-Kyung Kim, Radiance CALMER, Sunjoong Kim, Deok-Geun Lee and Gyu-Seon Kim, "Estimation of Damping Ratio of a Parallel Cable-stayed Bridge based on Operational Monitoring", 15th Asia Pacific Vibration Conference, Jeju, June 3, 2013
  • Sunjoong Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim, Ho LEE, "An Experimental Investigation on Characteristics of Flow Field of Wake Galloping", 18th IABSE Congress, Seoul, Korea, September 20, 2012
  • Sunjoong Kim, Ho-Kyung "Kim, Flow characterization for wake galloping using a PIV measurements", The 13th Tri-university Symposium, University of Tokyo, Japan, August 28, 2012
  • J. Park, H.K. Kim, S.J. Kim, "Flow measurement of vortex-induced vibration of parallel bridge girders by PIV", BBAA VII Colloquium Shanghai 2012, China, September 2-6, 2012
  • Hokyung KIM, Hyungjoong KIM, Sunjoong KIM, Hyunmoo KOH, "Korean Activities in the International Bridge Study for the Long-Term Bridge Performance Program", The 8th Korea-Japan Joint Seminar on Bridge Maintenance, Seoul, Korea, October 23-25, 2011
  • Hyun-Joong KIM, Sun-Joong KIM, Ho-Kyung KIM, wonsuk PARK, Hyun-Moo KOH (2011) "Korean contribution to the International Bridge Study campaign for Long Term Bridge Performance program" Proceedings of the 11th Japan-Korea Joint Seminar on Steel Bridges, Jeju island, Korea, Aug 25-27, pp.58.
  • Sun-Joong KIM, Ho-Kyung KIM, Ha-Seung CHUNG, Chul-Hwan YOO, Jin PARK, Ho LEE (2011) "Wake galloping of unparallel cylinders" Proceedings of the 11th Japan-Korea Joint Seminar on Steel Bridges, Jeju island, Korea, Aug 25-27, pp.19.
  • Sun-Joong KIM, SangHoon LEE, Ho-Kyung KIM (2011.06) "Evaluation of Wake Galloping of Unparallel Twin Cables of the Mokpo Cable-Stayed Bridge" The 28th Annual International Bridge Conference, Pittsburgh, USA, June 5-8, 2011

1 International awards

  • Travel Grant from CWE 2014

2 Domestic awards

  • Young Engineer's Award of 2016 KIBSE Conference
  • Best Paper Award of 2012 Conference of Korean Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Special Jury Award of 2010 Conceptual Bridge Design Competition, Korea Bridge Design & Engineering Research Center