Kim, Young-Gon
2nd year in Ph.D. course
Major : Offshore pipelines
Phone : +82-2-880-1534
Comment : "I am a slow walker, but I never walk back"


• 2013.2 B.S. _ Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Seoul

• 2013.3~ M.S. _ Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul National University

• 2014.9~ Ph.D. _ Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Seoul National University


• 2009 : The head of the planning section at student union of Seoul engineering college

• 2012.2 : An internship at Daewoo engineering(posco engineering)

Research Work

Research Field

: <Current> Submerged Floating Tunnel(SFT)

: <Previous> Parallel bridges      


: Mathematical and Analytical approach

: Wind Tunnel Test(A series of wind tunnel tests with 2D section models)    


: The SFT known as Archimede's Bridge, conceived as an innovative waterway crossings solution. But, it has not yet constructed and needed far more study. Also, SFT has no real competition. So there is many things to wide area. To say widely, I would like to suggest about suitable solution of dynamic behavior. Now, I study on SFT's basic information.

: In parallel bridges, I performed experiment to know mechanism affected to parallel bridges. Like a gap distance, height, difference of frequency, etc.. About gap distance between two bridges it has very complicated mechanism.

    On Going Project

    Previous Works

• 2015.01~2015.03 : (주)현대건설 대축척 풍동실험용 지그시스템 기술개발
2013.07~2014.05 : (주)현대건설 쿠웨이트 쉐이크 자베르 코즈웨이 공사 풍동시험

• 2013.02~2013.12 : 지도~임자 도로건설공사 대안입찰 설계용역 중 풍동실험 및 내풍해석
• 2013.09~2013.12 : 초장대 현수교 트윈박스 보강거더 위탁실험
    Conference Participation

박진, 김호경, 김영곤 (2013.10) "단독교량의 와류진동 안정성이 병렬교량 와류진동에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구", 제 36회 대한토목학회 정기학술대회 발표집
김영곤, 황유찬, 방민규, 김권택, 박건영, 김호경 (2015.05) "정류판이 지그시스템의 난류강도에 미치는 영향 평가", 제 18회 한국풍공학회 학술발표회


The DM Prize in 2013 Conceptual Bridge Design


• 2016.09~2019.8 : Military service at DMEC