18th IABSE Congress-1핵심과제 session

posted Oct 10, 2012, 10:19 PM by Areum Han   [ updated Oct 10, 2012, 10:22 PM ]
1. Title : Design of Long-Span Bridges
2. 일 시 : 2012년 9월 20일 (목) PM 3:45 ~ 5:30
3. 장 소 : 서울 쉐라톤 그랜드 워커힐 호텔 1층 무궁화홀 1 (GS Room)

The Development of Reliability-Based Design of Super Long-Span Bridges


Ho-Kyung KIM


Design Life and Reliability-based Design Concept

for Long-Span Cable-Supported Bridge


Inyeol PAIK


Modelling of Truck Traffic for Long Span Bridges


Eui-Seung HWANG


Design Guidelines for Cable System

of Long Span Bridges


Chan Min PARK


Seismic Design Guidelines for Super-Long-Span Cable-Supported Bridges in Korea


Ickhyun KIM


Bridge Spanning Up to 2800m


Seungho Lee


Probability Model Estimation of Aberrant Vessel Trajectory Using VTS Data


Wonsuk PARK


Structural Form Enhancement

for Aesthetic Bridge Design


Namhee K. HONG