18th IABSE Congress-Special Public Session

posted Oct 10, 2012, 10:28 PM by Areum Han
1. Title : R&BD Super Long Span Bridges in Korea
2. 일 시 : 2012년 9월 21일 (금) PM 2:00 ~ 5:30
3. 장 소 : 서울 쉐라톤 그랜드 워커힐 GREAT ROOM 2

State of Art of the Research Activities in Korea Cable Type Long Span Bridges


Sung-Pil CHANG


Reliability-based design guidelines for long-span bridges


Ho-Kyung Kim


Prediction of Construction Performance of Concrete Pylon using Pump


Myoungsung CHOI


Reliability Analysis of Large Diameter Drilled Shafts using Pile Load Test Result


Jaehyun PARK


Development of Advanced Maintenance Technologies for Cable-supported Bridge


Heungbae GIL


Cable Type Bridges




Bridging Capacity and Aerodynamic Limitation of Cable-Supported Bridges


Yao Jun GE